2022 Healthy ME Gratitude Challenge

Welcome to the 2022 HEALTHY ME Gratitude Challenge Page!


February 7th – March 6th 

Gratitude Unlocks The Fullness of Life ~Melody Beattie

The Healthy ME Gratitude Challenge is a 4-week challenge that encourages individuals to set aside some time each day to complete small activities/write down things for which they feel grateful. This challenge helps participants develop strategies and skills for coping with stress, finding purpose, supporting healthy relationships and work-life balance.

On every Monday morning during the challenge (February 7, 14, 21,  and 28) participants will receive an educational email from Healthy ME containing attachments to help guide them through the activities. Everyone who completes this challenge by submitting weekly check-ins will be entered into a raffle drawing for a 10,000mAh Healthy ME wireless charger power bank! (10 in all). There will also be a completely anonymous survey link, in which participants can leave messages stating their favorite activity of the week, what they are most grateful for or both! Some of these will be shared with the entire workforce on the Ellis Intranet and the HEALTHY ME website.

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