Employee Gratitude Messages

Throughout the Healthy ME Gratitude Challenge participants are encouraged to share gratitude messages on an anonymous survey. The following list is what they have shared about the challenge or life in general:

  1. Thank you for this challenge. I enjoyed it very much. Iit gave me time to reflect on how grateful I am for my family, friends and co-workers through this very difficult period. Sometimes you get to busy with life’s issues to appreciate the things most important in life. Thank you again for this activity.
  2. I am thankful that my family & friends have remained vigilant & followed the recommended Social Distancing guidelines – and with that, have remained in good health. Throughout this ordeal – we have managed to stay in touch and especially reach out to the senior members as well as to the “youngsters” that are not yet capable of understanding all that has happened to change the style of life that is now considered the “norm” and to offer support and virtual “hugs & kisses” – I am grateful that I can receive the same! – Stay Well! Stay Healthy! & Continue to Make Good Choices!
  3. I have felt much better this week. visited a former patient brought dinner and plan to return, all the joy I was able to generate coming back to me, felt better about a few days of rain, mobilized to get indoor work done. I will definitely muse over previous weeks challenges from now on rather than powering through a period in order to revel in its positive effects
  4. This is not a particularly usual way I look at my life—methodically “planning” gratitude.yet it was very stimulating. I enjoy writing letters so doing notes to some people in thanks and the other exercises were great– but made me feel like it was still difficult to find the time. Shame on me.
    This particular activity came along at a time in my life when I was struggling to be grateful for much after a huge (unwanted) change happened…So – thanks.
  5. “I am very grateful for the eyesight I have to be able and view the beautiful rainbows in the sky. God is awesome in His powers to create rainbows after a rain.”
  6. “Friday morning, I discovered that my husband’s car was broken into and clearly rifled through. I was quite distraught and after I filed the police report, I said – ‘Think about the Ellis Challenge. What can I be thankful for?’ That thought made feel better and I quickly realized that there was no damage to the car and nothing was stolen.”
  7. “I’m thankful for the lesson I’ve been able to help my daughter with her anxiety with this.”
  8. “This has made me really stop and think about what my blessings really are and I am thankful for this challenge.”
  9. “To look through the eyes of a child you can see the innocence and joy no worries just pure magic.”
  10. “I am grateful for getting up everyday and being with my beautiful family and being able to work with wonderful people.  So many things are taken for granted.  Needed to stop and realize how lucky I really am.”
  11. “I am most grateful this week for my health- still remaining free of COVID 19.”
  12. “Thankful that God allows me to open my eyes each morning.”
  13. “My husband & I share a morning ritual – a “check list” of  “did you forget anything?” We would go thru a general list of items such as: do you have your belt on?; how about your watch?; do your socks match?; do you have your car keys?; rings & things?….we now include “do you have your mask”; “don’t forget to engage in proper Social Distancing” ; please stay healthy & make good choices!”; & most importantly – “remember I love you – and come home safely!”
  14. “My glass is half full and I live in the positive.”
  15. “Doing this challenge has helped me to find joy in the littlest things that most days you would miss. You just need to stop every now and then and just be..”
  16. “I ended up writing about all 5 senses and how they relate to Nature (except for taste). Focusing on that and just the idea of hiking or walking, certainly made my experiences more meaningful.”
  17. “Grateful to work in such a diverse community of professionals who support one another!”
  18. “Just the idea of stopping and pausing each day to check the daily gratitude list gave me time to take a quick break and a deep breath!”
  19. “I am grateful that this challenge is helping me get back to doing a daily gratitude list, I used to write down 3 things every day, and I had gotten away from doing this.”
  20. “When I did the alphabetical list of things that I am grateful for, “W” was one of the easiest letters. Walking Challenge. I honestly believe that it probably saved my life.”
  21. “I am so very grateful that I can get up every morning & make my personal assessment and connect with family and friends and know that each one has done the same and we are all healthy & loved!!!!”
  22. “My favorite activity this week was the alphabet challenge. It really did help to slow down and think of a “grateful” answer for each letter. In reviewing my responses, I realized how important being outdoors and nature are to me my well-being.”
  23. “So very interesting to have to sit and ponder gratitude in these times of division and hate.  It really slows your roll and the very act of HAVING to do it brings the tension, heart racing and being on edge right down.”