2022 Healthy ME Walking Challenge

The 2022 Walking Challenge, The Great Outdoors: Track Your Treks, is here!

It’s easy to join:

  1. Register with this link
  2. Scan our QR code below
  3. Or go to Passport 4 Good (P4G)
Walking Challenge QR Code
  • Scroll down to Your Active Groups
  • Select Join More Groups
  • Click Join A Group

Build You Team

  • Captains build your team of 4 on Passport 4 Good (P4G)
  • Each Walker tracks their own steps-Daily or Weekly in P4G
  • No Team? No Worry! You can still Join & we will find you one
  • Fun and Friendly competition between coworkers and teams!

Enter your steps each week or daily on P4G to get credit as a Healthy ME Activity and chances to win prizes! As always, there will be prizes for the Best Team Name, Most Steps and Random Raffles!

SET YOUR GOAL FOR A Great Outdoors Adventure!

  • Niagara Falls State Park, NY: 285 miles | 5,047 per Teammate* (56,5298 total)
  • Sky Meadows State Park VA: 400 miles| 7,084 per Teammate* (79,3400 total)
  • Aroostook State Park, ME: 493 miles | 8713 per Teammate* (97,5882 total)
  • Oak Grove Lake Park, VA: 598 miles | 10590 per Teammate* (1,186,133 total)
  • Cliffs of the Neuse, NC: 681miles| 12060 per Teammate* (1,350,764 total)
  • The Arboretum, KY: 758 miles| 13,424 per Teammate* (1,503,493 total)
  • Tahquamenon Falls, MI 848 miles| 15,018 per Teammate* (1,682,008 total)

*Approximate average steps per day

Download our printable flyer HERE.