Q: What is Healthy ME?

A: The Healthy ME Program exists to improve the well-being of Ellis Medicine employees and the organization. Healthy ME Wellness teams work to promote organizational and individual wellness among all employees of Ellis Medicine and their families through education, prevention, and easy access to health and wellness resources.

Q: Can I participate in Healthy ME activities? Why should I?

A: Healthy ME activities are available to all Ellis Medicine employees! In addition to learning valuable information and improving your health, there are usually prizes or rewards for participating in individual Healthy ME activities.  At the end of the program year, a grand prize winner is selected from all Ellis Medicine employees who complete their Passport.

Q: What’s the grand prize?

A: All Ellis Medicine employees, regardless of health insurance coverage, are able and encouraged to participate in Healthy ME and complete a Passport. Each year, all Ellis Medicine employees who complete a Passport are entered into a raffle for prizes valued between $50 and $200. Prizes vary from year to year.

Q: I have MVP Health Care. What do I get for completing the Passport?

A: In addition to entry to the grand prize raffle, MVP Health Care subscribers through Ellis Medicine can earn a discount on the following year’s premiums by completing all 7 Healthy ME program metrics.

Q: What are the HEALTHY ME program metrics?

A: There are six HEALTHY ME program metrics including (1) receiving a routine physical exam; (2) completing a personal health assessment; (3) completing a tobacco free attestation; and (4-7) completing 4 wellness activities. To be eligible for the grand prize and insurance premium discount, Ellis Medicine employees must complete these activities, record them in the Passport For Good (P4G). Visit our Passport/P4G tab for additional information and instructions on completing all program metrics, deadlines, and submission instructions.

Q: How do I find out if an activity I’ve done can count towards a Healthy ME activity?

A: The most important part of Healthy ME Activities is identifying if and how the activity helps your personal well-being. First, review the list of examples of qualifying activities in your Passport. If your activity is similar to one on that list, it will probably count. If you still want to check with someone, ask a Wellness Champion or email wellness@ellismedicine.org. Just be able to provide some information on the activity and how it helps your personal well-being!

Q: Will there be challenges and programs throughout the year?

A: Yes! Healthy ME organizes several challenges and programs throughout the year that can count towards your Healthy ME program metrics, called “Qualifying Healthy ME Activities.” Examples include the Walking Challenge, EAP webinars, Hydration Challenge, Penny Counter Challenge, AIG Financial Webinars, Know Your Numbers screenings,  among many other activities! See examples of qualifying activities in your Passport.

Q: I’ve completed all Healthy ME metrics. What now?

A: Record all of the necessary information online in your Passport For Good and you will receive an email when your Passport is complete!

Q: Who do I contact for more information?

A: Always feel free to chat with a Wellness Champion or email wellness@ellismedicine.org with questions, comments, concerns, or feedback regarding Healthy ME. You can also leave feedback here. You can remain anonymous, but please remember to include contact information if you would like someone to reach out to you regarding your comment!