2023 Passport/P4G


The 2023 Healthy ME Passport / Passport For Good instructions will be available in February 2023. You can update your online 2023 P4G with the instructions for 2022 below!

Click HERE for short, instructional video on registering and managing your Passport For Good!

The Passport is your guide to Ellis Medicine’s Healthy ME wellness program! For your convenience, and ease of utilization, the 2022 Passport can be tracked on the Passport For Good (P4G) platform! Printable instructions for the 2022 Passport and Login Guide for the P4G can be found at the bottom of the page.

Using P4G!

Passport For Good (P4G) provides employees the ability to easily enter and manage their 2022 Healthy ME Passport. P4G is a mobile friendly web-based platform focused on providing participants with visibility into real-time wellness milestones.

With P4G You Are Able To:

  • Access your Healthy ME Passport anywhere, any time, on any device!
  • Quickly enter and monitor your activities with streamlined approval and feedback
  • Track your progress towards meeting the 2022 Passport goals
  • Easily sign up for Ellis sponsored activities to take your wellness further!

How to Access your 2022 Healthy ME Passport

  1. Go to www.p4g.app/Ellis 
  2. Enter your Ellis email address
  3. Password is your Birth Month, Birth Day & Last Name (no capitals or spaces) For example: 0131smith   

Problems getting in? Email wellness@ellismedicine.org for help. 

Ready to Start? Here’s What You’ll See When You Login:

  1. MY DASHBOARD – Your “one stop shop” for viewing passport progress, entry status and a list of upcoming activities and events.
  2. MY PASSPORT – Summary page with your completion “stamps” for your passport.
  3. MY CALENDAR – Calendar view of upcoming events to sign up for and past events to log your activity.
  4. MY ACCOUNT – View and update your personal information including email address and password. Make sure to add a profile picture while you are there!

There are seven metrics employees must achieve to complete the 2022 Passport. Employees who complete all seven metrics may qualify for a 15% premium discount on their Ellis Health Insurance Rates in 2023:

  1. Preventive Physical Exam by a Primary Care Provider (11/1/2020-10/31/2022). PCP follow up visits, specialists exams, (i.e. ob/gyn), or Employee Health Physical will NOT satisfy this requirement!
  2. MVP’s Personal Health Assessment (complete between 11/1/2021 and 10/31/2022) Click HERE for a guide on how to complete the MVP PHA.
  3. Tobacco Free Attestation
  4. Wellness Activity (1)
  5. Wellness Activity (2)
  6. Wellness Activity (3)
  7. Wellness Activity (4)

Wellness activities include 4 different categories. Employees must complete an activity in each of these 4 activities. The categories include:

  • Nutritional wellness
  • Physical wellness
  • Financial wellness
  • Social|Mind|Spirit

 Ellis Medicine recognizes the importance of your spouse’s wellness and wants to provide opportunities for your spouse to participate in the Healthy ME program. Therefore, we offer an optional spousal participation feature. To qualify for a raffle (Apple watch or equivalent), spouses must complete:

  • A MVP Online Personal Health Assessment
  • 1 wellness activity

Passports must be submitted by October 31, 2022!

Everyone who submits a Passport will be entered to win one of many grand prizes!