Drink 8 to Hydrate – Final Week!

Hydration Tip: Although water is the best option for fluid intake, other liquids can count too. Just be aware of the extra sugar, calories, fat, and caffeine in beverages other than water.

  • Drink Anytime: water
  • Drink Regularly: milk, tea, and coffee (be aware of caffeine!)
  • Drink Moderately: fruit juices and low calorie soft drinks
  • Drink Rarely: sugar-sweetened beverages

For a good visual, see this infographic on Healthy Hydration.

Don’t forget to track your water intake for the last week of the challenge! Be sure to submit your weekly water intake online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HydrateEval, or plan to submit your water tracker at Wellness Wednesday on September 7.