Drink 8 to Hydrate Begins Today!

Wat-er you waiting for?! Start tracking your water intake TODAY for Drink 8 to Hydrate

Track yoTracker Imageur water whatever way is easiest for you – your favorite app, a diary, a tally list, or the Drink 8 to Hydrate Tracker we provide!

Throughout the challenge, be sure to report your weekly water intake online at this survey. If you prefer, you will be able to submit your challenge tracker at Wellness Wednesday on September 7 rather than submitting your water intake online. At the end of the challenge, 8 random winners will be chosen out of those who submit all 4 weeks of data.

Week 1 Hydration Tip:

Start planning for how you will increase your fluid intake throughout this 4-week Drink 8 to Hydrate challenge. Thinking ahead will help you stay on track for your 8 glasses of water per day! Try these tips to make water a tastier option:

  • Try adding a fruit – something sweet like berries, or kiwi, or something citrus like lemon, lime, or orange.
  • Try adding a vegetable or an herb – this may sound strange, but cucumber, basil, and mint are delicious!
  • Experiment with water temperature – maybe ice cold water isn’t for you. Try warm water with a drop of lemon or honey.
  • Enjoy water as tea – hot or cold.

Despite knowing that water is necessary for health and wellbeing, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated! See The Miracle That is Water infographic for all of the benefits of water, and don’t forget to track your water intake this week.